Globally, specialty coffee is generally defined as “A crafted quality coffee-based beverage, which is judged to have a unique quality, a distinct taste and personality different from and superior to the common coffee beverages offered. The beverage is based on beans that have been grown in an accurately defined area, and which meet the highest standards for green coffee and for its roasting, storage and brewing.” Also, to be deemed as specialty grade a coffee should receive a score of 80 and above on the 100 point scale used to rate green coffee.

In Australia the term has further evolved to include other distinctions such as being roasted a touch on the lighter side to highlight origin flavours as opposed to more the caramelised flavours found with more roast development. A further requirement for specialty coffee has become a complete transparency and traceabilty of details like the origin, harvest time, processing method, roast date etc. For this purpose we source specialty green coffees through a range of means such as direct from the farmers themselves, via specialty coffee focused suppliers like Melbourne Coffee Merchants, SILO, Latorre and Dutch, MTC, Ninety Plus, the Cup of Excellence program and more. These coffees are purchased in small quantities, ensuring freshness, seasonality and variety. We roast these specialty coffees in small batches, predominately on a customised 5kg roaster. Our specialty coffees are roasted to order by our head roaster Ben Toovey. Ben is the head of the Genovese Coffee specialty coffee division, and he oversees the sampling, selection, roasting, packaging and delivery of all specialty coffee products. 


Public tasting and brewing sessions are held on our bar, with a new round of dates to be advertised soon!